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A Yoga Retreat to Turn Inward | 18-20.7.21

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  • תאריך: 18-20.7.2021

  • מיקום: שחרות

  • מחיר: למחירים יש ללחוץ על הקישור מטה ״לפרטים והרשמה״

לפרטים והרשמה
The retreat is scheduled for July 18-20, 2021. We will handle the summer heat with classical prānāyāma techniques, by soaking in the pool and, of course, with AC. Three days and two nights of yoga practice, deep rest, delicious vegan food, and the magic of the South Desert.

We’ll be living in a unique, Hobbit-like, private house in the small village of Shaharut, located 3.5hr south of Tel Aviv and 40 kilometers north of Eilat. This very quiet community rests upon the ridge of the Arabah Valley and is surrounded by an expanse of pure desert.

Whether you are an aspiring nomad or simply an avid traveler, it can be easy to lose our sense of home. By turning our attention inward via yoga practices and other healing exercises, our aim is to remember, deeply in our bones, that we are always home. We retreat to return.

A retreat is an opportunity to take space to feed yourself exactly what you need. For some it is a rigorous deep dive into self-study. For others, it’s a time to gently unfold, rest and soak up the magic of time. One of the benefits of traveling to a particular location far from your regular routine is that we can better recognize our unconscious habit patterns, and decide whether we want to let them go or hold on to them. From a more conscious place, we return home to our families, work and life, energized and ready for what’s ahead. The idea is to come back to the world with more wholeness.

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Julia Eda Shemesh

Retreat Guide

The ecstasy I discover through the discipline of Yoga practice is unparalleled. The joy of seeing mySelf more clearly is constantly rife with newness, and yet, I recognize I have always known this light deep in the caverns of my bones. I have always been this radiant. The Yoga simply doesn’t let me forget it.

This is why I practice. In a world where we are constantly bombarded with material anxieties, and subsequently, their absurd remedies, Yoga is both a shield to protect from the insanity and a doorway leading to a buried reality. As long as we accept that we are human, we will encounter stuff that we tend to avoid: fear, insecurity, anxiety, doubt, loss, grief, rage, and pain. No one is exempt. Graciously, Yoga offers a reliable rock that we can sit on quietly. Here, we can listen to ourselves breathe freely and deeply. Yoga is a stand-in for the inner voice that has always known what to do and how to be.

During this retreat, my wish is to offer practical tools so that you can take them home with you and use them whenever you are feeling lost or out of balance. In turning our attention inward, may we see each other and be inspired to find our own way home!


Avital Sabag

Retreat Chef

I am Avital Sabag, a proud mother of five sons, author of the best-selling book "Five Seasons in a Vegan Kitchen-Cooking in the Spirit of Zen" – Geffen. Ethnic food researcher, journalist, lecturer and teacher, healthy food chef, and expert in Chinese medicine and naturopathy. I live and work in Tel Aviv.

For years I have met in my work people who want to learn and develop and are interested in making a change in their lifestyle from a place aware of the needs of the body and our connection with nature. And like these people – I too have gone through journeys of inquiry and change in my life.

29 years ago, when I gave birth to my eldest son, motherhood deepened my longing for a healthier ecological environment and a more balanced life, and as a result I embarked on an exciting journey of exploring the anthropology of the subject of nutrition. For many years I was a vegetarian, and about a decade ago, when I started practicing a Korean variety, I realized that I needed to be more precise in my diet and then I made another change and switched to veganism.

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Amir Rappaport

Retreat Guide

I was introduced to yoga at age 15, by going to my aunt’s Ashtanga Yoga classes in Casarea, Israel. Entering the practice with a love for movement, acrobatics and physicality, I started to become more and more excited about the practice and how it made me feel before and after coming onto my mat. As the years moved forward, the spiritual essence of the practice became present with never ending curiosity. Coming from a ballet, contemporary dance background and career, I have used yoga and meditation to bring the mind and breath to the body to find balance and center in myself. After living in Europe, Israel and the United States, I gathered all my tools and information and decided to dive deeper into yoga and make it my lifestyle.

I use the skills of yoga to find quiet in order to self reflect and look inward. I believe that the more I observe my inner self and the more work I do on me, the more I can be clearly present in space and give to my surroundings, nature, living beings with clarity. This never ending work is exciting to me every single day. Yoga has been my guidance and I love sharing what I love with others in the studio.

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