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  • תאריך:  October 15th

  • שעות: 12.00-15.00

  • מיקום: LOCATION upon request

  • מחיר: Price of participation:6,000 Kenyan shilling for a couple

We are delighted to invite the culinary researcher and a vegan chef, food anthropologist & a Chinese medicine expert as well as a Neutropat, Avital Sebbag, who has written the book

“5 seasons in the kitchen“,
For the African Spring Unique experience foods will be made for us by Ms Sebbag linked to the Chinese medicine as the Wood element & the Sour taste
The philosophy and the story Escorting the scrumptious served Variety of foods Will be told to us while we enjoy.

Avital Sebbag author of the bestselling book
“five seasons in the kitchen
Zen inspired vegan cooking”

The book in English or Hebrew
Will be available for purchase
With the Author’s signature..

Hosted at the Ashrov’S KAREN
October 15th | 12:00-15:00
LOCATION upon request.
Price of participation:
6,000 Kenyan shilling for a couple.

Privte event:

RSPV +254722521060

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