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Five Seasons in the Kitchen

By Avital Sebbag Organic-Vegan health food chef

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The book "Five Seasons in the Kitchen – Vegan Cooking in the Spirit of Zen" is an opportunity to peek into the world of healthy nutrition, to connect with it's mental-spiritual dimension , to experiment with delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes, and perhaps, hopefully to wake up to a change.

The book was born as a result of fascinating culinary journeys I made all over the world and it contains all the knowledge I have accumulated over the years, about rich, natural and healthy seasonal food, about the purity of the exact, high-quality and meticulous raw materials.

The basis for the idea of the five seasons is taken from the school of the five elements of Chinese philosophy, which serves as a basis for researching my work in the clinic and its practical application in the kitchen and in life. As someone who believes that the position and the aesthetics are an integral part of our dining experience, I put a lot of emphasis on the artistic design of the book, and integrated into it magnificent photographs that inspire and make you want to roll up your sleeves and get into the kitchen. Also, the book is filled with insights and tips, life stories and funny anecdotes, which infuse a pleasant home atmosphere and make cooking, a special experience.

The book has now been translated into English and is also distributed abroad. I invite you to accompany me on the journey of my life and I am sure that you will enjoy the book and will also be happy to give it as a gift.

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